Fundraising and Helpful Links

Once you have registered your dragon boat team, a Team Ambassador will contact you and be your resource for information up until race day.

Your ambassador will communicate important information such as how to recruit team members, practice and race schedules, how to fundraise effectively, CarePartners Foundation's mission and event goals, parking and tent setup details, and how to win awards and contests. Your ambassador will ensure your team's success!

Team fundraising is critical to the success of Drums and Dragons.

While sponsorship's and registration fees generate a lot of money, a dragon boat race is expensive, so much of that money only covers the cost of the event. Every penny of team fundraising will support patient needs and fund vital health services across Western North Carolina.

This year, our goal is to have 25 dragon boat teams in the race.

If every team fundraisers $2,000, we will generate $50,000 in fundraising alone! A team of 25 people would only need to raise $80 per team member to achieve this goal.

Concerned about your team's ability to raise $2,000?

Here is an example of how each team member could raise $80:

  • Ask a family member for $20.
  • Ask two friends for $10 each.
  • Ask two neighbors for $5 each.
  • Ask your employer for $10.
  • Ask two coworkers for $5 each.
  • Ask a church or temple member for $10.


We use a fundraising website called everydayhero to raise money in support of CarePartners Health Services. Everydayhero is really easy to use. After you have registered your team we will help you create your team’s everydayhero page. You can use this page to track your team’s fundraising and send out requests for donations for you and your team.

The event page on everydayhero also gives an overview of how much all teams have raised for the event. This too is a great way of generating a little friendly competition among teams.

Remember that the top three fundraising teams will compete for the coveted fundraising cup!

Get started on your EverydayHero fundraising page now:

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