Update on Drums & Dragons Regarding COVID-19

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We’ve had to make recent reconsiderations for the direction of this year’s Drums & Dragons fundraiser. Safety of all involved with our fundraiser is of paramount importance to us, and we will continually be looking out for everyone’s best interests in this matter. That said, we’ve recently made the following adjustments:

  • We currently have the event rescheduled for Saturday, October 3, 2020, from 8:30 am-3 pm at Lake Julian Park in Arden, NC.
  • Our plan is to follow all protocols dictated by the CDC and local and state government officials as it applies to their recommendations on groups gathering and will make changes to our event, or cancel altogether, should we feel that the safety of our supporters is at all threatened.
  • We will be revisiting in mid-June whether the race can be expected to go on as planned –or if we may need to revert to our Plan B or Plan C.
  • Our Committee members have agreed to network with potential resources (web/game developers, graphic design folks, others who have done virtual fundraising events) to research the viability of doing a virtual event as our Plan B.
  • If you have any ideas for us regarding our Plan B of a virtual event, or have experience in successfully putting-on virtual events and wish to share with us your thoughts, please email us at dragons@wncbridge.org to provide your welcomed feedback.
  • Plan C would be that we would have to cancel the event in its entirety for this year, utilizing the funds we (Bridge Foundation) has paid thus far in deposits for next year’s race
  • “If” we had to completely cancel the event for 2020 (which we certainly hope we do not) then Sponsors/Donors would have the opportunity to commit their funds to one of the non-profit recipients of the 2020 event, a WNC Bridge fund, or a participating team to be put toward their entry next year’s race.

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