2019 Winners

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Division Winners First Place Overall: Secret City Dragons Community Division 1st Place: HËW Crüe 2nd Place: CarePartners PACERS 3rd Place: O&P CapeAbilities Nonprofit Division, 20 person boats 1st Place: Feisty Fire-Breathing Paddlers 2nd Place: Dragin’ Tails 3rd Place: Irene’s Argonauts Nonprofit Division, 10 person boats 1st Place: … Read More

Rules and Regulations

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Festival Rules and Regulations 1.0 Introduction and Team Registration. Welcome to the Dragon Boat Festival – an experience like none other! As a participant in this unique event, your main goals should be safety and fun. The Festival Organizer (producer … Read More

History of Dragon Boats

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The History According to legend, Dragon Boat racing originated in China more than 2,300 years ago. Chinese history describes the fourth century B.C. as the Warring States period; a time of shifting alliances and treachery. The patriot and poet Qu … Read More

Tips on Staying Hydrated

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Dragon Boat Practice and Race Preparation Hydration Tips Drink plenty of water leading up to practices and race day and on those days. You CAN bring water in the boat. Experts recommend every 15-20 minutes of exercise a half-cup of … Read More

Info/Tips for New Teams

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Conduct in the Boat: There should be no/minimal talking once your team is in the boat. The drummer and steersperson must be able to communicate with the team and each other at all times, and all team members need to … Read More