WNC Bridge Foundation
Serving the People of Western North Carolina

WNC Bridge Foundation has been proudly serving the people of Western North Carolina since 2003 when we began our efforts as CarePartners Foundation, prior to our changing our name & reevaluating our efforts after the sale of CarePartners Hospital to HCA corporation in 2019.

WNC Bridge Foundation’s purpose is to provide funds to assist in meeting the health challenges of people in the communities of Western North Carolina and to empower non-profits to impact individual and community wellness in those communities.

We are a community-based charity providing direct support to individuals and grants to carefully selected non-profits throughout the region who are working every day to eliminate the barriers in our communities that prevent our neighbors from living their lives fully.

We have (5) community, donor-supported fundraising initiatives throughout the 18 WNC counties we serve where every cent given to these programs goes to helping support them directly. To read more about our fundraising initiatives, please visit our website at: https://www.wncbridge.org/

The 18 counties in WNC that WNC Bridge Foundation serves: